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The company Grigor Consulting

Team Oltp-ConsultingGrigor Consulting is an independent IT consultancy. We analyze complex, heterogeneous systems in the telecommunications, transport, and financial service industries. We offer our expertise and our resources for your projects; we support your complete development cycle - from the anaylsis through to the implementation and system integration phases. We work for you, we are a member of your team. Your business objectives are our sole goal.

We believe in helping our clients attain their goals and objectives through the creation of innovative solutions. We know that our future is dependent upon their success. Our professional competence assured, we offer a high degree of flexibility and speed in all our activities. Our independence assures that no conflicts of interest compromise our client relationships.

Grigor Consulting is proficient in the fields Systems and Business Engineering. We are committed to help our clients to secure their company`s business objectives.

We manage innovation for our clients. We understand innovation as building upon creative new practices, processes, relationships, business models, and even institutional innovations such as open-source computing. And while breakthrough innovations can generate significant economic value, sustaining that value requires a capacity for continual incremental innovations. We have learned to manage innovation projects with a balance of insight, analysis, and instinct. We manage innovation by setting the context, guiding the process, clearly communicating our reasons, building creative teams by appreciating distinctiveness in people and their thinking, and welcoming change. The difficulty of managing innovation is that it requires experimentation, the opportunity to explore, and a preparedness to sometimes fail. However, most of the time, we succeed.

We are engaged internationally on projects in both Europe and North America. Our consultants are bilingual in both the English and German languages and are experienced in working in multi-cultural business environments.

Our solid technical expertise results from our comprehensive cross-industry project experience. In particular, our expertise in the design of scalable application architectures make us a reliable partner.

We endeavour to develop a long-term partnership with our clients, extending over several projects, which is particularly important for the continual development of our clients' systems. With the subsequent care of our client relations, we align our activities to meet their individual needs. We are pleased to execute your assignments, either directly or in co-operation with our partners.

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